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Jr Golf Programs

Junior Golf Programs

Our Mission at Pine Creek Golf Center is to get kids excited about playing golf and provide them with an environment where they can have fun, learn, compete, and improve.


Jr Team Golf

Our flagship program started in 2008 and entering its 7th Season.

  • Jr Team Golf – Spring Program          Starts April (5 weeks)
  • Jr Team Golf – Summer Program       Starts June (5 Weeks)
  • Jr Team Golf – Fall Program               Starts September (5 Weeks)
Visit  Jr Team Golf  for more details
Other Jr Golf Programs that we offer throughout the year include the following:
  • Beginners – Group Training (Age 7-9)  Offered at a variety of times
  • Beginners – Group Training (Age 10-up) Offered at variety of times
  • Advanced Group Training  (Age 7-10) Offered at variety of times
  • Advanced Group Training (Age 11 – up) Offered at variety of times
  • Private Training. By Appointment

For more information Contact

Gregor Meyer

  • Owner of Pine Creek Golf Center
  • Professional Instructor
  • Director of Jr Golf Programs
  • Director of Jr Team Golf

412.725.1000 cell/txt


Jr Team Golf’s Mission


Korre Madden Jr Team Golf

Jr Team Golf - Youth Girls

Jr Team Golf - Parent

Jr Team Golf Boys






Why Jr “Team” Golf?

1. Our program pulls together “The Team” which includes our players, their parents, golf course owners, training facilities,  professional instructors, and our administrators who organize the training sessions, the competitions, the tee times, and communication through the web, emails, and Facebook. Despite every parents best intentions, it can be difficult to pull the golf game and training together on a consistent basis for their child, so Jr Team Golf makes it available for you and whoever would like to join us.

2. We take a ”Team Approach to Training”. Led by Greg Meyer, we train as a group with our Team of Professional Instructors who coach them, guide them, and create various skill challenges so the players can test themselves and against each other. This interaction makes training more fun and gets the competitive juices flowing so our players become more attentive and more focused on improving their skills.

3.  We conduct “Team Competitions” so that our players communicate with each other, enjoy the experiences they will encounter together, and build friendships that we hope will last a lifetime!


Why “Skills for Life”?

Each of our Training Session builds on a theme which will help our players succeed in golf and their other endeavors including school work, friendships, other sports, and family life. We define success as always striving to improve.

Some of our themes include the following:

  • Fun-providing enjoyment or amusement.
  • Athletic –  involving physical activity or exertion.
  • Sportsmanship –  fairness and respect for one’s opponent, and graciousness in winning or losing
  • Honesty – Being fair, truthful, and morally upright.
  • Perseverance-steady action over a long period despite difficulties or setbacks.
  • Fearlessness-being determined in the face of challenges.
  • Determination-Firmness of purpose, will, or intention. Gritty, Resolute.


We all want the best for our children.

In today’s world, kids are exposed to a variety of sports at a young age. Unfortunately, kids develop and mature at different ages and for some-many sports pass them by if they do not possess early aggressiveness, quickness, size, strength, or agility.

With Jr Team Golf, kids will learn there are many ways to compete and excel. They do not need to be the fastest, the strongest, or the most aggressive to win.

Jr Team Golf will help kids discover their own strengths and weaknesses and how to manage themselves in a way that will lead to success.


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